The most favorable way of eating is balanced, and frequent fractional meal. If you look at how food is digested the speed of digestion, the most rapidly and completely absorbed vegetable and fruit juices, broths, vegetables – cucumbers, lettuce, greens, and also fruits and berries, dairy products. Cereals, grains and legumes are digested much more slowly – one to two hours, and nuts, seeds, and eggs for even longer. The long speed of digestion considered fish, seafood, poultry and meat – from two to five hours.

Digestible protein

Dishes of meat, offal or poultry are considered the most useful for the organism, because it contains many essential for the body as a building block – protein. Meals of these products are best prepared boiled or steamed, then the products will lose a small amount of trace elements and will allow your body easily and without any harm to learn everything you need.

Also useful for the organism eggs – quail, chicken, duck and other. They contain a lot of potassium, iron, vitamin D. in Order not to lose in the preparation of all these nutrients, eggs best to cook hard boiled – so they are better digestible. But drinking them raw is not necessary – very high risk of salmonellosis and substance anticipate raw egg will only hinder the process of digestion.
In egg yolks large amount of valuable amino acids needed by the human body.

Well-digested dairy products – cheese, kefir, yogurt and cheeses, which contain a lot of protein, calcium and essential gastrointestinal tract of microorganisms.

The most valuable content of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and protein foods are fish and seafood. Fish is preferable to choose the sea, it contains the body needs iodine. And to cook these products it is also better steamed or boiled.
Fish protein devoid of "heavy" fats, and is nutritionally comparable to meat.

The combination of cereals and vegetables

Of cereals for the benefit and good digestibility it is possible to allocate buckwheat, rice and oatmeal. Buckwheat contains a lot of iron, but in simple form it is absorbed completely. To extract the cereals the maximum benefit, you need to combine it with vegetables – cabbage, sauerkraut, broccoli or seaweed. This will allow you to provide the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Figure it is better to choose sanded, cleaned too much starch that slows down its absorption. And oatmeal is considered as Queen among cereals. It can be boiled in milk or water, pour boiling water or yogurt overnight.

The main thing to remember is not enough to choose foods-natural, unrefined, need to learn how to cook properly. If you choose poultry meat and fry it in plenty of oil until Golden brown, you are unlikely to get much benefit from eating this dish. It is a great burden on the stomach, gall bladder, liver and other internal organs.