German scientists have identified ten of the most useful food for the health of the body. The leader in this rating are considered apples. Apples are rich in iron, therefore, beneficial for the circulatory system. Promote excretion of radionuclides, cholesterol, oxalic acid. Improve the stomach, reduce the growth of cancer cells. In addition, they are low in calories, so useful for overweight people.
Fish contains fatty acids that reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%. Enough to eat three meals of fish per week or 30 grams a day.
Garlic contains the vitamins the body needs, minerals. Garlic boosts immunity, helps to cope with colds. Improves the functioning of liver, heart, reduces the risk of cancer of the intestine, stomach, prevents the formation of blood clots, normalizes cholesterol level. During heat treatment almost does not lose useful properties.
In strawberries contain much more vitamin C than in lemons. The iron contained in the strawberries, increases hemoglobin. This berry produces substances that can inhibit the formation of enzymes which provoke the development of cancer.
Carrot is essential for vision, improves the color and condition of the skin. Helps with anemia, which neutralizes free radicals that cause cancer. Carrots to eat raw. Better to fill with sour cream or butter.
Chili normalizes metabolism, contributing to weight loss in the short term. Destroys harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines.
Bananas are beneficial to the intestines, the brain, increase hemoglobin, neutralize the increased acidity of gastric juice. Bananas are high-calorie, so they should not be used in a large number of people are overweight.
Green tea prevents atherosclerosis, protects against prostate cancer. Only need to drink natural green tea (not in bags and no additives).
Milk contains valuable protein, easily digestible fats and useful sugar lactose. Besides breast milk rich in calcium, strengthens bones and teeth.
Cherry juice helps to cope with muscle pain after exercise. Therapeutic dosage – a glass of juice or 45 cherries.
It is not less useful foods include: nuts, berries, cheese, eggs, legumes, all vegetables, grains, meat (not fat), whole grain bread, all fruit, dried fruit.