The content of protein in meat

Different foods contain different amounts of proteins. The complete proteins present in beef, the number is 25%. In their composition contains all necessary for the body irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids. The body more easily assimilates the veal, it is also high in protein (20%). Pig meat compared to beef, contains less connective tissue, so it is sweeter than beef, and milder. Protein in pork - from 14% to 19%. Mutton is more tough than beef, it has less iron salts, potassium, phosphorus. The amount of protein in lamb to 20%. A great diet product is rabbit meat. It is fairly high in protein (21%), b vitamins and iron.
Offal is not less useful than meat. Because in their composition there are a large number of minerals, iron, vitamins, they are recommended to people with anemia.

The content of protein in chicken and fish

Unlike beef, chicken provides a complete and easily digestible proteins with the most acceptable for the organism amino acid composition. In chicken meat there is required a combination of minerals and vitamins. Fish proteins contain all useful for the organism amino acids. Unlike meat products, in fish proteins has the essential amino acid methionine, are low in connective tissue represented by collagen, easily passing into the soluble form gelatin.

Proteins fish are better absorbed by the body - on 93-98% (meat protein — 87-89%). The amount of protein in the composition of fish depends on the species. On average it is 16%. Fish oil contains large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. A very valuable food - fish eggs. It contains 30% protein and 15% fat (15%), fat and water - soluble vitamins, phosphorus, potassium. Smoked and salted fish is less valuable food product. Proteins it much worse are digested and absorbed.
Canned fish do not have a large number of valuable qualities, as the nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process of canned food.

Proteins contained in eggs and dairy products

The most complete protein that is fully absorbed by the body, found in chicken eggs. Egg protein has an optimal ratio of essential amino acids, it consists of substances well absorbed after heat treatment. But raw egg protein is absorbed poorly because of the presence therein of compounds that suppress the action of enzymes needed for digestion.

There are proteins in dairy products. Their number in each product is different: in milk of approximately 5% of protein in cheese is about 22%. In dairy products there is casein, which has long absorbed by the body therefore, nutritionists recommend to consume them in the evening. The people who are watching their weight, eating better to choose low-fat milk and cheese, as in cheese contains large amount of fat. During the day it is important to maintain in the body a high level of protein, so the correct would be to eat often but in small portions.