Advice 1: What is boiled eggs

The egg is one of the protein sources. This product contains much more protein than meat or milk. Especially valuable product the egg is for those who exercise regularly.
What is boiled eggs

The use of eggs in food

Cooking eggs does not require a large investment of time and effort so most people prefer at Breakfast to cook eggs. But not everyone thinks that eggs are poorly absorbed in the body. To bring the body maximum benefits, you need to know what eggs can and should be there.

Boiled eggs are very well combined with vegetables and spinach. In order to digest the egg is, the stomach has to produce a large quantity of acid and enzymes. That is why during a meal should be to use less liquid and to limit consumption of sugar, which interferes with the digestion of protein.

Also eggs are combined with fruits and vegetables that contain starch. Starch vegetables carry the minerals that prevent the absorption of iron and calcium, which are present in eggs. That is why these products are best consumed separately. This will help cleanse the body of toxins.

Combination with proteins of animal and vegetable origin

For better absorption is very good to combine animal protein with vegetable. It is recommended after eating protein foods to make a two-hour break before the next meal. So protein is better absorbed.

The egg contains a substance which is called avidin. It neutralizes the vitamin B7. This vitamin, for example, found in fish or rice. So if you like to combine boiled eggs with fish or rice, you decide what is more important to eat a delicious dish, or to nutrients from fish.

Well enough of the eggs are combined with animal fats. Remember, however, that fats slow down the digestive process. Therefore, eat eggs with butter, cream and mayonnaise. If you combine these products, in this case, add more greens. Greens neutralizes the inhibitory effect of fats. Everything else, eggs are high in calories and should not be consumed along with fatty foods.

The most useful is a combination of eggs and broccoli. It is known that joint use of these products helps to strengthen bones. Broccoli is rich in calcium. However, the calcium gets into the bone without vitamin D and this vitamin is contained in egg.

Advice 2 : Real scrambled eggs

Eggs - one of the most simple and quick to prepare dishes. But how to cook really tasty fried?
Real scrambled eggs

A recipe for delicious scrambled eggs is extremely easy.

  • Finely sliced onions (3 medium size pieces onto a large pan) and fry in vegetable oil until light of podzharistoy.
  • Added to the onions chopped in small pieces sausage "doctor" or sausage (3-4 pieces), cut into thin washers. All of this also brought to light podzharistoy.
  • Before roasting products can go into scorching in the pan add cut in fine slices tomato (1-1,5 PCs.) or (in the absence of fresh tomato) ketchup. After adding the tomatoes burning is already can not be afraid.
  • On a grater rubbed a bit of cheese (50 g) is added to the pan and everything is mixed.
  • Eggs (chicken, ordinary, 4 PCs.) in turn divide and pour into the pan, without destroying the yolks. This item is better to perform quickly to all your eggs in a result, equally prepared.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Mix everything except egg yolks. From the yolks carefully with a knife remove a thin film of protein. Repeat this paragraph a few times every 30 seconds, then less often, until fully cooked.

The dish is considered ready when all of the protein has lost transparency (turned white), and the yolks were just going to go from liquid to solid. At exact observance of the formulation of potential consumers going to the table in the luring smell long before full cooked meals. And most importantly: in any case can not cover the pan at any of the stages of cooking, otherwise the dish will be ruined!

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