Advice 1: What does the exchange of labour and employment

The job search today – quite troublesome task. For those looking for vacancies, have to exert a lot of effort, daily Newspapers and message boards on the Internet. To help citizens in finding employment, the state develops special programs, most of which is carried out through the labor exchanges.
What does the exchange of labour and employment

What is the labor exchange

Under the labor exchange in modern societies typically involve a public institution that carries out intermediation between those who are preoccupied with finding suitable work, and employers interested in skilled labor. The labour exchange – part of the system of state regulation of the labor market, which helps citizens with employment and retraining, and also provides social support of the unemployed.
The bodies responsible for employment issues, examine the state of the labour market in all regions of the country and select applicants for jobs corresponding to their level of training.

Currently, the situation on the labour market is so complex and diverse that some of the functions of the state employment Centres undertake commercial and public labor exchanges. In these organizations, the applicant may, for a reasonable fee to obtain data on vacancies, although a definite guarantee of employment, of course, one can not give.

State employment Centers

The state employment service is engaged in a wide range of issues. In her charge of employment problems of persons temporarily unemployed; retraining those who wish to change their profession; the payment of state benefits to persons who become registered as unemployed.
Employment centers also carry out career guidance and psychological support to citizens in difficult life situation.

The labor exchange has at its disposal a banks current vacancies that are in demand in the region at the moment. To get access to jobs, citizen required to submit to the institution the necessary documents and register as unemployed. Specialists of labour exchanges will help you choose the right place, appropriate to the aptitudes, education and level of training of the applicant. Services of the employment Centres is free.

The employment centers are created on a territorial basis and are available in every region. Any citizen of Russia, faced with the problem of employment, is entitled to seek help and support in the establishment of the employment service, which is located in his place of residence. Registration at the labor exchange possible with a passport, employment records and education document. Those who previously worked, will also require a certificate of average earnings for the last three months.

Advice 2: How much to pay for the labor exchange?

The question of the amount of unemployment benefits remains relevant even today. People who have lost their jobs, have some time to remain in the state security – until the, until they find a new job.
How much to pay for the labor exchange?
In our days you could get a job in one day and also one day to lose it. To somehow stay afloat, you can resort to government assistance through various employment services (labour exchanges).

The advantages of applying to the labour exchange

It should be said that recourse to the employment service have their advantages. If you are going to find yourself a job within a few months, you have to look for the means of existence until, until you get the salary in the new job. Turning to the labour exchange, you in some extent will be provided at the time of job search. Of course, the sum is insignificant, but for the unemployed it will be a great help.

At the labour exchange specialists will find you the suitable jobs – you can refuse or agree to apply for the proposed work. Usually specialists of labour exchanges looking for jobs that are directly or indirectly related to your education. Thus, you can not only earn money but also to engage in his favorite thing.

How much to pay the labor exchanges

The amount of monthly payments on the labor market depends on such factors as the duration of payment of unemployment benefits and average monthly wages (determined by the last 3 months on last job). That is, in the first 3 months unemployed, which will stand on the account on exchange, will receive ¾ of the average monthly salary for the next 4 months – 60%, and the rest of the time (up to) 45% of salary.
Unemployment benefits are usually equal to or less than minimum wage by 10-20%.
Thus, it appears that to be registered in the form of the unemployment benefit only in the first few months. It was at this time better as quickly as possible, to find a new job or to accept the proposed job labor exchange, because minimal benefits from exchange labor to live is simply impossible (usually it amounts to 800-850 rubles).

Interesting fact

If the unemployment office will ask the person who previously did not work, then the benefit will be paid in the minimum size today is 850 rubles + adjustment location (the benefit for unemployed informed person in Moscow will be only slightly higher than for the same unemployed in Izhevsk).
The size of the unemployment benefit is changed every year by the Government.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the maximum size of the unemployment benefit at the moment should not be more than 4,900 rubles and not less than 850 rubles. Unfortunately, in Russia to be unemployed unprofitable, unlike the European and Western countries. All because unemployment in Russia is a symbolic payment.

Advice 3: How to get to the unemployment office for pregnancy

It is believed that a pregnant woman does not take a state any one employer. But a baby is not cheap. And if you need money, you need work. Where to go to get help? On the stock exchange of labor.
How to get to the unemployment office for pregnancy
You will need
  • - Passport;
  • work - book (or in lieu thereof a document confirming professional qualification);
  • - diploma of graduation or certificate school;
  • - reference from last job on the amount of average monthly earnings in the last 3 months;
  • - the certificate of pension insurance;
  • INN.
If you were fired, then contact the employment service at the place of residence within 14 days after the dismissal. If you have not worked, you have the right to stand on the exchange of labour at any time before the term of pregnancy reaches 30 weeks. Please bring the necessary documents. Will register you in the same day.
Expect that within 10 days from the moment of registration you will be offered 2 options of work appropriate to your education, experience and wishes. We can also offer to take part in public works. Ask the employee of the employment service, is it possible to raise qualification or receive training of any specialty. On the exchange of labor provides free training for applicants. If you do not intend to find a job during pregnancy, it is a very good scenario.
Remember that if you do not find a suitable job within 10 days, after this period, the employment service registers you as unemployed. Accordingly, expect to receive unemployment benefits. Its size is:- 75% of average earnings for 3 months on last place of work in the first 3 months of unemployment;- 60 % - follow-up 4 months;- 45% in the remaining months of the period. The amount paid may not be higher than the maximum amount established by the government of the Russian Federation, and below the minimum size. If you were sent on courses, the benefit will not be paid, in this case, a scholarship.
Don't think that standing on the account you will be able to benefit and nothing to worry about. After all, if you refuse twice vacancies, you are removed from the account. To obtain the status of unemployed, you can return only a month later. So consider whether or not to inform the inspector on the exchange of labour and a potential employer about your "interesting" position. Perhaps the employee of the employment service will meet you and you "sit" on the exchange prior to the decree, but to find a job also have a chance.
When the term of pregnancy reaches 30 weeks, provide the relevant certificate from women's consultation to the inspector of the exchange of work and go on maternity leave. Be aware that in the holiday period on pregnancy and birth unemployment benefits, you will not be charged. Contact social security for benefits after the baby is born.
Do not lie to a potential employer if he is willing to hire you. Your pregnancy will quickly become noticeable, and for superior it'll be quite a pleasant surprise. If the Manager is interested in you as a specialist, you may get the job, despite the pregnancy.
Useful advice
Do not take to heart the problem of employment. The most important thing that the baby was born healthy, and therefore, the mother should be calm, balanced and happy. Pregnancy is the time to take care of yourself and give your body a break.

Advice 4: How to get to the unemployment office in St. Petersburg

As to the unemployed, and those who simply want to change place of employment, can help check on the exchange of labor. It is in all the cities, including in St. Petersburg. How to get there on the account?
How to get to the unemployment office in St. Petersburg
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - diploma or certificate;
  • - employment history;
  • - proof of income.
Collect the documents required for the registration in the employment Center. If you are looking for your first job or at the time of treatment already employed, you will be enough passport and proof of education certificate of graduation, diploma of secondary special or higher education institution. For those who worked previously, but were for various reasons dismissed, you will need a work book with a mark about departure from work and a salary certificate for the last place of employment. It should reflect your income at least for three months. If you have a disability, you will need a note from a doctor about what activities are acceptable for you and which aren't.
Get the address for the employment center at your place of residence. This can be done via the website From the home page go to the section of the employment service, and then in the list of institutions subordinated to the government of St. Petersburg. In the list you will see links to employment services areas of the city in their addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation.
Contact the selected service during working hours. Contact the person and give him the documents. Write a statement of registration as a job seeker or as unemployed. After reviewing your application, you will receive the opportunity to receive assistance in job search, and when you recognition the unemployed and allowance at the time of seeking a new position.
The unemployed must be monthly in the employment service to undergo re-registration. In the event of failure of this condition it can be removed from the register and, as a consequence, be deprived of the benefit. Therefore, when meeting with a specialist labour exchanges should specify the terms and conditions of re-registration in advance.

Advice 5: How to get to the exchange employment

The state provides support to citizens who temporarily left without work. One of such methods is their accounting and finding a suitable place for employment. These issues are dealt with by exchange of employment, or the centre of employment of the population (tszn). This is a non-profit organization providing social support to people who have lost their jobs.
How to get to the exchange employment
You will need
  • — passport;
  • — document of education, qualification;
  • — information on average earnings;
  • — form of the form employment services.
To register employment you must meet the following criteria: be over 16 years of age, have no income from employment, not to be convicted and retired.
If you lost your job and want to get on the account in tszn, you need to provide the following documents: passport, education documents, work book, certificate about the average wage in the last job. Complete a certificate of average earnings on a form approved by CZN, in another form this information will not be accepted as the expert.
After checking the presented documents expert of the center of employment will consider the possibility of raising you to register as unemployed. Usually this procedure takes 10 days. After receiving this status, you will need to come to the employment center to obtain a list of vacancies and to check in with the employee 2 times a month.
The maximum benefit amount, for example, in 2012 — 4900 roubles, minimum — 850 roubles. All sums are indicated without taking into account regional factors. If you have not had employment in the period prior to the exchange of labour, will be appointed to the minimum payment.
After obtaining the status of unemployed you can take courses of professional training. During the training you will be paid a stipend and you will be removed from the register on the stock exchange of employment. During the period of retraining, you may even pay the fare to the place of training and living expenses. But if you will not attend or will show poor performance, you may void part of a scholarship or full payments.
The size of the unemployment benefit is 75% of average earnings in the first 3 months of receipt, 60% for next 4 month and 45% in the remaining period.
Useful advice
Unemployment benefits may not be paid more than 12 months during the 2 periods (maybe 2). You will need to re-register within the established deadlines.

Advice 6: How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women

It so happened that you got fired or you did not work at all, and the baby is already settled within you? If you do not want to look for a new job, you can register at the labour exchange.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women
You will need
  • 1. Passport.
  • 2. High school diploma or certificate of graduation.
  • 3. Employment history (if any).
  • 4. Reference salary for the last 3 months.
  • 5. Certificate of pension insurance.
  • 6. INN.
  • 7. Passbook, issued in the savings Bank.
Immediately determine what to say about your situation inspector job exchanges, not necessarily. Put you on the account must in any case, if the term of your pregnancy less than 30 weeks. But to inform the employers or not - decide for yourself. Although the law prescribes no restrictions on the employment of pregnant women, HR staff prefer for any reason to deny to women in an interesting position. But if the fact of pregnancy to hide the reaction of the employer in consequence may not be the most optimistic.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women
For registration to the labour exchange you need to bring all the necessary documents, a list of which is available from the staff of this organization. The inspector will ask you to write a statement and tell how many times a week and what hours you will need to come to the exchange to get a list of employers.
Every month you will be paid unemployment benefits in the amount of 75 % of salary - 1, 2, 3 months, 60 % - 4, 5, 6, 7-and 45% in subsequent months. Note that the maximum allowance to 4 900 rubles. And what would be the salary was at your previous place of work, more than this amount you will not list. If you didn't work at all - the benefit will be minimal - 890 rubles.
When the time is right to take a maternity leave (after 30 weeks), you will need to bring to the inspector of labour exchanges a certificate from the medical institution where you are registered on pregnancy. Hospital on the labor exchange are not paid, therefore, the monthly transfer for the term of the decree will cease. But to get a little money for child care is still possible. For this you will need, after your baby is born, will appeal to the regional Department of social protection, and, until the child reaches one and a half years, you will pay the allowance.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women
And, most importantly, do not forget about yourself and the future baby. Try to find a job closer to home, agree on a partial employment. Then you will have time to walk in the fresh air, take care of your health, gain strength before the new, complex and challenging, but this long-awaited stage of your life.
How to get to the Jobcentre to pregnant women
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