What is the labor exchange

Under the labor exchange in modern societies typically involve a public institution that carries out intermediation between those who are preoccupied with finding suitable work, and employers interested in skilled labor. The labour exchange – part of the system of state regulation of the labor market, which helps citizens with employment and retraining, and also provides social support of the unemployed.
The bodies responsible for employment issues, examine the state of the labour market in all regions of the country and select applicants for jobs corresponding to their level of training.

Currently, the situation on the labour market is so complex and diverse that some of the functions of the state employment Centres undertake commercial and public labor exchanges. In these organizations, the applicant may, for a reasonable fee to obtain data on vacancies, although a definite guarantee of employment, of course, one can not give.

State employment Centers

The state employment service is engaged in a wide range of issues. In her charge of employment problems of persons temporarily unemployed; retraining those who wish to change their profession; the payment of state benefits to persons who become registered as unemployed.
Employment centers also carry out career guidance and psychological support to citizens in difficult life situation.

The labor exchange has at its disposal a banks current vacancies that are in demand in the region at the moment. To get access to jobs, citizen required to submit to the institution the necessary documents and register as unemployed. Specialists of labour exchanges will help you choose the right place, appropriate to the aptitudes, education and level of training of the applicant. Services of the employment Centres is free.

The employment centers are created on a territorial basis and are available in every region. Any citizen of Russia, faced with the problem of employment, is entitled to seek help and support in the establishment of the employment service, which is located in his place of residence. Registration at the labor exchange possible with a passport, employment records and education document. Those who previously worked, will also require a certificate of average earnings for the last three months.