In our days you could get a job in one day and also one day to lose it. To somehow stay afloat, you can resort to government assistance through various employment services (labour exchanges).

The advantages of applying to the labour exchange

It should be said that recourse to the employment service have their advantages. If you are going to find yourself a job within a few months, you have to look for the means of existence until, until you get the salary in the new job. Turning to the labour exchange, you in some extent will be provided at the time of job search. Of course, the sum is insignificant, but for the unemployed it will be a great help.

At the labour exchange specialists will find you the suitable jobs – you can refuse or agree to apply for the proposed work. Usually specialists of labour exchanges looking for jobs that are directly or indirectly related to your education. Thus, you can not only earn money but also to engage in his favorite thing.

How much to pay the labor exchanges

The amount of monthly payments on the labor market depends on such factors as the duration of payment of unemployment benefits and average monthly wages (determined by the last 3 months on last job). That is, in the first 3 months unemployed, which will stand on the account on exchange, will receive ¾ of the average monthly salary for the next 4 months – 60%, and the rest of the time (up to) 45% of salary.
Unemployment benefits are usually equal to or less than minimum wage by 10-20%.
Thus, it appears that to be registered in the form of the unemployment benefit only in the first few months. It was at this time better as quickly as possible, to find a new job or to accept the proposed job labor exchange, because minimal benefits from exchange labor to live is simply impossible (usually it amounts to 800-850 rubles).

Interesting fact

If the unemployment office will ask the person who previously did not work, then the benefit will be paid in the minimum size today is 850 rubles + adjustment location (the benefit for unemployed informed person in Moscow will be only slightly higher than for the same unemployed in Izhevsk).
The size of the unemployment benefit is changed every year by the Government.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the maximum size of the unemployment benefit at the moment should not be more than 4,900 rubles and not less than 850 rubles. Unfortunately, in Russia to be unemployed unprofitable, unlike the European and Western countries. All because unemployment in Russia is a symbolic payment.