Sulfur is formed continuously and constantly is normal and is excreted from the ear canal in the implementation of processes such as swallowing, chewing, yawning. She moved to the outer auditory passage and removes along with bacteria, dust particles, i.e., performs the function of cleansing the ear canal from various contaminants.

Dangerous hygiene

Poor hygiene of the auditory meatus is the most frequent cause of the formation and accumulation of sulfur in the ears.

There are outer membranous-cartilaginous part of the ear canal and more deeply located bone, between which is located the isthmus. Earwax can form only in the membranous and cartilaginous part of the auditory canal, but a wrong carrying out hygienic procedures, the movement of sulfur with a cotton swab or other device in an area narrower isthmus, from which there is unlikely the possibility of its self-elimination. In this case, it is often earwax accumulates and there is a blockage.

Hygiene procedures should be carried out continuously, but without deep penetration into the ear canal. Ie you need to clean the outer ear and the area around the external auditory canal. Thus, it would exclude the possibility of damage to the skin of the auditory canal and the tympanic membrane and the possibility of advancing deep into the earwax.


Also cause the formation and accumulation of sulfur in the ears can be an excess secretion in the result of inflammatory processes, such as:
- dermatitis,
- eczema,
- high content of cholesterol in blood.

Another reason is the violation of the process of removing sulfur in the anatomical result of the narrowness or tortuosity of the meatus, with increased hair growth in the area of the ear canal.

Often, sulfuric tube formed from workers who are in the process of implementing its activities in shops where there is accumulation of gas in dusty conditions or, conversely, excessive moisture, in this case, even a small tube under the influence of moisture swell, and the symptoms appear the presence of ear plugs.

Depending on the form of ear tubes, the doctor chooses the method of its removal, self removal is not recommended because of the possibility of damage to the tympanic membrane and the appearance of the irreversible process of decrease or loss of hearing. However, for a complete hygiene of the ear, it is recommended to use not only cotton harnesses, and liquid tanks, intended for the ears.