Breakfast should start with a glass of fruit juice. Then eat a large serving of oatmeal. Cook them in the following way: pre-soak in milk. After they swell, season them with grated Apple, nuts and honey. Finish your Breakfast on the two, better yet three cups of hot cocoa. Drink it with a large sandwich of white bread with butter.
Must be second Breakfast. Do it after Breakfast in 2-3 hours. You can choose any of the two proposed options. The first option includes a hot broth with egg yolk and a glass of fresh fruit juice. The second option: a Large sausage sandwich, a Cup of yogurt with the highest fat content and on top of the chocolate.
Lunch. Prepare a salad, which plentifully season the high-calorie sour cream or mayonnaise. In addition, cook in thick chicken broth soup with vegetables. Second be sure to eat meat with a side dish of mashed potatoes or pasta. It is better suited to pork. If you do not want the suggested side dishes and wish to eat rice then be sure to season it with butter or cream sauce. Be sure to drink coffee with cream. And for dessert, eat a couple of fruit.
3 hours after lunch, treat yourself to afternoon tea. So there are a few dining options. The first option includes a salad with meat or chicken, dressed with high-calorie mayonnaise, a large sandwich with sausage or butter, chocolate. Second option: pies with meat or with mushrooms, a mug of hot tea with honey. The tea can be replaced with hot chocolate.
For dinner, make myself scrambled eggs from two eggs, fry the potatoes. Eat a large serving, cook the sausage sandwich. Complete the meal with two cups of rich milk.
Before bed eat an Apple and drink a glass of warm milk.