Menu for gaining weight for a week

Monday: Breakfast - omelette with 3 eggs, a slice of black bread with cucumber and ham, 1 tomato and 1 walnut. Of drinking prefer green tea or compote. Lunch portion of soup noodles, slice roasted chicken meat, 100 g canned green peas, 1 pear, 2 slices of bread and a Cup of green tea. Dinner - a serving of mashed potatoes, 1 grilled beef Patty, 2 slices of black bread with cheese and 250 ml of freshly squeezed vegetable juice.

Tuesday: Breakfast - wheat porridge cooked in milk, 100 grams of drinking yogurt, 5 nuts and a Cup of tea. Lunch - portion of chicken soup, 100 g of boiled potatoes, salad from the 1st bell peppers and 1 cucumber, a Cup of jelly. Dinner - omelette with 2 eggs with cheese, tomatoes and ham, 100 g of biscuits, 250 ml of milk with the addition of a small amount of honey.
If you choose to drink tea, not brew it too strong.

Wednesday: Breakfast - 3 boiled eggs, salad of fresh vegetables, 30 g of raisins and tea. Lunch portion of soup, noodles, a slice of boiled beef, 100 g boiled beans, 1 citrus fruit medium in size, and tea. Dinner 1 sandwich with chicken, cheese and cucumber, 100 g of your favorite chocolate and 250 ml of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Thursday: Breakfast - barley porridge cooked in milk with honey, toast with butter and tea. Lunch portion of soup in meat broth, 100 g of macaroni and cheese, vegetable salad, seasoned with sour cream, a Cup of tea. Dinner - mashed potatoes, 150 g of grilled fish, a portion of Greek salad and tea.

Friday: 100 g of ravioli, a salad of fresh vegetables, 4 prunes and a Cup of compote. Lunch - 200 g of pea soup, a slice of boiled pork, tomato salad, spiced sour cream, 2 slices of bread and fruit jelly. Dinner - 2 pieces of fried fish, 100 g of cauliflower with cheese and sour cream, a sandwich with butter and tomato juice, the better natural.

Saturday: Breakfast - beef stew with pasta, a Cup of cocoa. Lunch - a serving of cheese soup, a salad of fresh tomatoes and cheese, 1 piece of grilled tuna, a Cup of tea or compote. Dinner - pasta with sauce of beef, 2 slices of bread with meat and juice.

Sunday: Breakfast - cottage cheese casserole, a cheese sandwich and tea. Dinner - portion of fish soup, 100 g of meatballs with pasta, 1 cucumber, 2 slices of bread and tea. Dinner - braised Turkey slice, 40 g of cheese, 2 slices of bread, 250 ml of tomato juice.
If necessary, we can arrange snacks between meals. This will perfectly suit a glass of kefir or yogurt.

A few recommendations for weight gain

Try to eat at a certain time, in a relaxed atmosphere, no fuss and no rush. Drink more mineral still water - at least 1.5-2 l. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. This is important not only in order to gain weight, but also to relax, improve health and appearance.