Please note that wages of certain workers is carried out in a General manner, in accordance with the employment contract, for example, time worked or output. From this it follows that to calculate the salaries of part-time, you can choose salary on working days or hours, payment on an hourly or day rate or payment according to production outfits.
Assign the appropriate wage. It is important that it was comparable with the wage of professionals working in this position full-time.
Generate payroll for all employees of the organization according to the accepted form of payment, work schedule and wage rate established by the personnel documents. Do the calculation and recording of accruals using the program "1C:Salary and Personnel Management 8".
Keep in mind when calculating the schedule of work part-time. It is a graph of part-time work on standard terms with a 40-hour five-day week. In accordance with schedule part-time have to work 4 hours each day.
Follow the accounting policy of the organization in the preparation of the algorithm of calculating the monthly earnings of part-time workers. Consider the set of parameters such as the volume assigned to part-time work, the wage and salary. If the employee is unable to work part-time at a certain time, set it to a more flexible schedule with an hourly labor rate or payment in accordance with the volume of work performed. Please note that the legislation provides for the payment of salaries to part-time, and the main work, two times in a calendar month.