Work performed concurrently with the same employer, with whom a contract for the main work, referred to as internal moonlighting. If the employment agreement signed concurrently with another employer, it is an external part.
The labour code does not provide for the circumstances in which it is impossible to send workers on business trips. Therefore, the internal and external moonlighting is not an obstacle for sending the employee on a business trip.
When internal part-time employee are issued for two personal cards at each position (for primary employment and part-time) is assigned a personnel number and separately for each post accrued salary, vacation pay and other benefits.
If the internal compiler is directed to perform work that is related only with his secondary specialty, business trip certificate is issued to a part-time basis. In an office job for the Fielding and travel documents prescribed position on the combination and the corresponding personnel number.
In case the direction of the employee, adopted on domestic part-time, on a business trip at the same time on the main work and the work to be performed concurrently, the employer has the right to make two trips and service tasks for the employee on both posts with the same time of leaving/arrival at the same place. For each profession issued separate order (order) on the direction of the employee on a business trip. In the timesheet of time worked letter code of the account of the trip "To" is affixed in two positions.
Worker, employed by the external compatibilizer may also be sent on a business trip by order of the employer to perform their assignments outside the place of permanent employment. In this case, the trip of a concurrently employed person is made in the normal way via the unified form T-10 and accompanied by a registration service task orders (orders) about the direction of the employee on a business trip. However, in this situation, a trip to perform business orders must be confirmed with the employer at the primary place of work.
Likewise, an external compatibilizer is a business trip if he simultaneously sent to different employers to perform the tasks, necessary work functions as the core, and a shared place of work. Costs which are recovered when the report for the trip are allocated to the participating employers under the agreement between them.