The first thing you need to start, if you decide to learn accounting, study of tax system of Russia. If you already have a higher education in Economics, most likely, this stage of the tutorial, you skip. You only need to refresh your memory of the Chapter of the Tax code and to see the recent.
Decide what tax system you will be working. If we are talking about the simplified system, it is necessary to examine the provisions of law relating to it. The Tax code of the simplified tax system (simplified tax system) on the simplified system reads the eponymous article 26.2. To get into all the details, of course, one reading of the Code is not enough, so buy, for example, the book of Smyshlyaeva S. V. Rules and nuances of the application of the simplified system of taxation".
Then go either for specific courses, or continue self-mastering subject. As for courses, they are of different types: General secondary education (usually last up to a year) and on the basis of higher education (duration – 5-6 months). The diploma is issued in both cases.
To study the basics of bookkeeping you can use the remote courses or books. It is important to choose a good guide that contains information, not lag behind the latest edition of the Tax code. Buy, for example, the book Tamara Belikova in Accounting from the ground up to the balance." About it good reviews among those who have mastered the skills of accounting. In the tutorials is a simple task of compiling the transactions and balance calculations. Try to work out, and also develop your own based on them. If you can handle it, consider accounting you own.
Note that now all records are maintained in a special computer program based on databases. Courses will teach you to use them. But if you decide to do without the help of teachers, will need to purchase an additional manual on the use of the program you choose. The most common of them - 1C.