You will need
  • - chart of accounts;
  • - codes of the Russian Federation;
  • - PBU;
  • - information-legal portal "Garant".
All accounting is based on the Russian codes, the most important of which is tax. So start learning the system of legislative acts. Pay special attention to the VAT and income tax. Be sure to read the edition of "Regulations on accounting".
The registration is performed using the chart of accounts, which includes eight sections (production costs, calculations, etc.). To explore get an edition with the latest changes.
Learn how to make the correspondence of accounts, ie journal entries. Each of them has a debit and credit. To help you understand the essence of compiling transactions, refer to active, passive and actively-passive accounts.
While learning use the information-legal portal "Garant" and "Consultant". Even if you use the book, double check the information by using the above Internet systems. Remember, laws change regularly, and the book can be put in circulation a year ago, thus, all the information in it is outdated and unreliable.
Currently, the organisations records are maintained by automated software. So try to learn an accounting program called 1C. If you can't handle it yourself, walk on courses, which do not last more than two weeks.
Learn to prepare tax reports. This will help the Tax code, it is in this normative document you can obtain information about all the rates, due dates, reporting and payment of contributions to the budget.
Self-study accounting is quite difficult, so try to take courses or ask a friend an accountant to help in difficult situations and confusing moments.