You will need
  • - date of birth of the parents;
  • - the month of conception of the child;
  • - planned month of delivery;
  • - RH factor of both parents.
Take the Ancient Chinese table. The principle of sex determination in this table is based on data on the number of full years of the mother and the month of conception of fetus. Find information about you and your baby in the columns of the table. At the intersection of the two columns is a letter indicating the planned sex of the fetus. "D" mean girl, "M", respectively, boy.
Find Japanese table. The principle of sex determination in this case is based on the months of birth for you, spouse and the month of conception. Find the number located at the intersection of the months of birth of both parents. In the top row horizontally, select the number under which the months. Find the month of conception and beside him in a horizontal line, look at the number of crosses. It represents the probability of having a child of either gender.
In table RH factors find columns with data about yourself and the future father. At the intersection of columns specified the sex of the baby.
Useful table of blood group. Find your blood group in the left column and the blood type of the father in the horizontal column. At the intersection is the probable sex of the baby: boy or girl.