You will need
  • Paper, pen, printer, computer, Internet.
To start, try to solve the problem at the level of the bosses of the post object, where you have provided poor service. Write a statement or make an entry in the "Book reviews and suggestions", which is available on all communication sites. If your aspirations have been in vain, then complain to the post office to the steering apparatus of the branch of FSUE "Mail of Russia", which includes this Department.
Make a written complaint about non-payment of funds, non-delivery or untimely delivery, damage or loss of the postal item or other violations and misconduct by postal workers addressed to the Director of management of Federal postal communication on the reception site or destination of mail. Send the claim letter with notification and list of enclosures or give it to the branch of FSUE "Mail of Russia" to the Registrar, who shall register the statement.

Double the significance of your problem by taking prior appointment for personal reception to the head of the branch, and at the meeting to verbally present your complaint in the mail.
On quality of service, provision of postal services, and the work of the Russian post, use free call from anywhere in Russia by phone 8-800-2005-888. The presence of the Internet and personal mailbox to send a letter by e-mail: or send an appeal from the page "Public reception" of the official website of the Russian post.
If the postal operator has denied your claim, granted it is not or not completely answered it, go to the arbitration court with a claim where complain on the postal object, which violated the rules of rendering of postal communication services. Specify all the circumstances of the case, violated the rule of law and present your requirements to the mail object.
You have the right to spend time on application to any organization of postal communication. Immediately complain to the Russian post the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human blagopoluchia – or in ROSPOTREBNADZOR Federal service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications, ROSKOMNADZOR. Statement send a letter to the contact address or electronically directly to the parent service or to the relevant territorial Department. At the same time present a claim through the hotline or sign up for a personal appointment to the steering apparatus.