To respond to the email, do not need to make much effort. But having mastered this skill, you will be able to communicate to colleagues, acquaintances and friends.
Consider the response to the letter on the example of Yandex.Mail. The principle of operation of all mailboxes have the same, so you will not be difficult to navigate in a different system.1. Carefully read the letter. You will be able to choose the correct method of response.
2. Select the method of response.If an email contains a direct question, you can write the answer in the special window that appears immediately under the text of the letter. To the source even after a long time I could easily remember what was discussed, do not delete the "history" of the message the default message will be displayed in chronological order.If the message involves detailed response, display the full reply form. This option is found under the window the usual, short response. In the full reply form you can edit the letter, watching it on the big screen, and add files.This feature is very useful if, for example, need to send copies of supporting documents, photos or music you want to share with someone.If in response to the letter, you are required to duplicate existing information, it is better to use a forwarder function. Recipient gets the original email, and you will be able to add comments.The forward button located on the toolbar above the email. Portrayed it is usually in the form of arrows to the right. To a forwarded email, you can also attach a file. Before sending don't forget to specify in the "to" address of the recipient (in previous versions this was not required, since the address indicated by the program automatically).
3. Monitor the receipt of the letter.Modern email services allow not only to request notification of receipt from the recipient, but to remind you that the response has not been received (or the letter did not answer).In order to have the system notify you that the response to the letter was not received, check the checkbox under the window response.