You will need
  • paper;
  • printer;
  • - fountain pen;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you plan to personally carry a letter to the inspection or send it by mail, specify the first line of its title, abbreviated: on her number after the hyphen and the town or district where situated on. For example, on-16 in Moscow.
You can also address a letter to the head of the Inspectorate or its specific employees. To do this, specify the position, name and initials. However, this does not guarantee that your letter will be transferred for execution to the one to whom you are addressing.
When submitting requests via the online form on the website of the FTS of Russia and regional management you can choose the authority to which we appeal, from the drop-down list.
Depending on the content of the title of his letter: complaint of misconduct, the request for information, proposal or just treatment.
The line below indicate the subject who is complaining, indicating at least the place of work officials, better yet, positions and names and initials what do you want to learn (for example, about features of application of the simplified system of taxation) that offer.
Further outlining his conversion: describe the incident, which became the reason for the appeal, have, in accordance with the Federal law "On procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation" to give you clarification to your questions and bring a list of them, or to consider your offer.
If you respond to a written request from the Inspectorate, begin the text with the phrase "In response to your request No.... misleading...". The output of a query are taken from this document. Then submit your answers to the officer of the tax inspection issues.
Print out the letter. Do not forget to put under it the date and sign. If you are writing on behalf of the organization, print the text on the letterhead and seal seal.
When sending a letter via the website you just need to press the appropriate button and enter the verification code.
You can also send a letter by mail (the most reliable with acknowledgment of receipt)or personally attributed to inspection. In the second case, take his copy and ask a professional inspection, which will take your message, make the appropriate mark.