The beer, not the last filter, retains more nutrients and vitamins. It has a rich taste, but has a slightly cloudy appearance. Filtration and pasteurization allow you to increase the shelf life of the product, but additional treatment lost a significant part of mineral substances and vitamins. Real unfiltered beer is poured into kegs or bottles. It is possible to try also in restaurants or bars with their own brewery.

Cooking and filtering

The main components for the manufacture of beer, purified water, malt, yeast, hops. They are mixed in certain proportions and pass through several stages of fermentation.

Beer clean to give it transparency. In the industrial production of filtering is applied to remove the products of fermentation, including beer yeast. The drink becomes lighter, but loses part of the flavor and health properties. Live unfiltered beer is kept for a few days, filtering increases the shelf life to two weeks.

For longer shelf life drink pasteurized. The implementation period of canned canned beer can be up to one year by adding different preservatives.

The composition and the use of unfiltered beer

It contains:
organic acid;
– the vitamins;
– mineral elements;
– brewer's yeast;
– enzymes;

Brewer's yeast contain a complex of amino acids. These substances have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes. Fine particles of malt have a positive effect on the digestive system. Hops has a calming effect, which is especially important under stress.

In small quantities the drink is useful for the vascular system, normalizes blood pressure, increases insulin production and reduces blood sugar. In folk medicine, the drink is used as a means for strengthening of hair, a part of face masks, in a heated state is used when you cough.

The harm of unfiltered beer

In moderation beer will only bring health benefits, but
abuse leads to alcohol dependence. Despite the small amount of alcohol, regular consumption of beer quickly is addictive. The harm of unfiltered beer in this case is the same as any other alcoholic beverage. Most affected are the liver, in addition to this, there is a deterioration of brain activity and as a consequence of this degradation.

The danger of unfiltered beer lies in the fact that it is not seen as many alcoholic beverage readily available, you can drink without cooking meals. Narcologists believe that beer alcoholism is difficult to treat.