Rate the condition of nails first form. In various disorders in the internal organs, it is able to change. For example, the appearance of ridges in the nails can be a sign of serious health problems – heart, lungs, intestines and thyroid gland. In this case, diagnosis of the nails must go into a deeper examination of the body.
Carefully review the structure of the nail plate. Longitudinal striations on the nails appear when the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, damaged grooves – when lime deposits, transverse wavy lines – when disturbed the lymphatic system. Dot depressions in the nail can be a sign of psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Closely look at the color of the nails. Darkening is often associated with an infectious disease or fungal infection in his toenail. Blue appears when blood circulation, heart failure, chronic lung disease in children – congenital heart disease. Pallor – sign of anaemia or blood loss, diseases of the bone marrow. Periodic appearance of the nail white spots warns about the lack of calcium and iron. Permanent education says about diseases of the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. Yellow nails – a violation of fat metabolism, lung disease, excessive Smoking.
Do not disregard the density of the nails. Breakage and delamination commonly associated with lack of vitamins and minerals, especially A, D, E, b group, calcium, iron and zinc. For this reason, the nails can be very thin, prone to Curling inwards. Dryness of the nail can be a sign of chronic dehydration.
Notice the moons on the fingernails. If they are correct semicircular shape, well-marked, there is no reason for concern. Cheerleaders should increase, which often happens with increased load on the heart or the heartbeat. The decrease in the hole – a sign of heart failure and circulatory disorders. A clear line between the hole and the rest of the nail can also appear in the disorders in the pancreas.