Stripes on the nails of hands, where are they?

Whence come these nasty stripes on fingernails? The answer is quite simple. Lakonia – namely the so-called this disease manifests itself in a number of cases. It is as true and false. To this Lakhani include dysfunction of the nail matrix. But most often it occurs about the manifestation, with which women face.

Causes of white streaks on the nails can become:

  1. Misuse of vitamins and minerals;
  2. A strict diet;
  3. Constant stress, strain or disease of the nervous system;
  4. Failure in functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  5. Damage to the nail plate, properly done manicure
  6. Nail fungus;
  7. Various infections affecting the cuticle;
  8. Remove nails at home.

Often white streaks on the nails, it is not a sign of disease. Very often they appear in perfectly healthy people of advanced age.

Which illnesses can speak with transverse bands on nails?

Defined transverse bands on the fingernails may indicate the kidney disease. They can also appear when iron deficiency in the body. Horizontal stripe that stretches from one side of the nail to the other, called in medical language "furrow" Bo talks about eating disorders of the nail plate. Furrow Bo is often caused by trauma to the nail, this can happen because of not a neat manicure. Very often stripes on the fingernails may appear in diseases of infectious etiology. For example, measles, influenza, hepatitis, or pneumonia. Is common to observe the appearance of such stripes in children after scarlet fever or chickenpox. Long hard diets affect not only your figure, but also on the nails.

How to get rid of transverse lines on the fingernails?

White stripes on nails are the first alarm bell that the in the body that something is wrong. Therefore, you should pay attention to it and time to start treatment. Contact your internist and gastroenterologist. After all, the common causes of the strips are problems with the digestive tract. After you propecia these diseases, transverse bands on the fingernails will disappear.

Try to eat rationally. Limit starchy foods, sweet, roasted, salt, various canned foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits, fish, chicken, veal and beef.

If in addition to bands on the nails you are concerned about itching and burning, maybe it's a fungal disease. In this case consult a dermatologist. He will prescribe the tests to identify the causative agent, and will prescribe you drugs for its treatment.

Injuries of the nails, you should wait until you grow a new nail. Help him by using compresses of tea tree oil or castor oil.

Try to rest more. Stress is an insidious condition that can lead not only to the strips on the nails, but more serious consequences. Try to think positively, attitude to the world around you with a smile, and then he will reward you with beautiful and healthy nails.