Causes of white spots on nails

Spots, streaks, or dots of white on the nails in medicine are called leukonychia. They often appear when you experience problems related to internal organs, as well as the lack of trace elements and vitamin deficiency. If white spots on nails in children appear with some frequency, this may indicate an unbalanced diet. Therefore, the child's diet must contain foods rich in zinc and calcium. Through proper diet and presence of natural products, you can always forget about the white spots on the nail plates.

Not passing on nails white spots in children can mean that there are serious problems with health. This may be a sign of protein starvation of the body. But if the child's diet is full of this element, it is likely that disturbances in protein metabolism. The problem is very serious and requires careful treatment.

A large number of spots of white at the base of the nail may indicate a failure of the kidneys. In this case, do not self medicate.

In addition, white spots on nails in children appear due to stress, nervous disorders and circulatory disorders.
Mechanical damage to the nail the child happen quite often and can be the cause of formation of white spots. So the damaged nail does not heal, only the complete fusion get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Treatment of white spots on nails

Problem spots on nails in children should be treated systemically. First of all, you must determine the focus of their occurrence, to balance the diet, and properly care for the nail plate with the help of well-chosen funds that will nourish, moisturize the nail, contributing to its growth. Also in the control and prevention of stains on the nails will help traditional medicines, but only when no serious diseases. Use warm baths for your nails are based on sea salt, potassium permanganate, vinegar, lemon, vegetable herbs (Euphorbia, Hypericum, series, yarrow) nourish nails and improve blood circulation.

In any case, it is annoying not passing spots on the nail plates require proper treatment. And only a doctor can help to identify the true causes of this phenomenon and to assess the extent of the disease and to choose individual treatment.