What is the significance of this gesture

In most countries of the world among intellectuals, it is customary to kiss the hand of women. As a rule, men kiss the hands of women of respectable age and married ladies. This custom is more prevalent in the West. In Germany and Austria so to do made only in the most solemn occasions. At the poles it is a common rule: the man greeted and said goodbye to all women. Kiss the hand only in the closed premises, it is impossible to do during the lunch meal. At a dinner party, it is permissible to kiss the hand of the hostess, which she must apply a low to the man himself to her bent. Before a kiss women's hands were considered a simple Hello. Now this action says more about education men relative to women. In the days of our grandmothers kiss the hand of a young girl was unacceptable. Never kiss a hand if the woman had not removed the glove. In the old days, when society was dominated by the intelligence and good manners, this action was spread so that his Commission had not considered carefully.
Europeans still kiss the hand, both women and young girls, in spite of the limitations. This occurs in the rooms, on the street, all the greetings of this type are acceptable in European society.

Modern women's attitudes to the kissing of the hands

At the present time relevant to this action not to be changed, but acquired a different attitude of specific people. Some consider it normal, others hate it, for others do humiliating. The kissing of the hands is not a humiliation, but prohibits a sign of respect to the person whom tested negative feelings. And that's fine. Most likely, any modern woman will not like it if all men and will kiss her hand. Same thing from men. It is unlikely that today all the guy or young man will dare such an act, and it's not even in education.
What was once accepted in society today becomes old-fashioned and vulgar.

Many consider the norm to kiss the hand only of the mother, father, passionately showering kisses the hand of his beloved girl. But to kiss the hands of strangers, even as a sign of decency and upbringing is a private matter of every man. You can tell you, it is in the modern world is weird and does not fit into the style of the modern society radically. Of course, now there are techniques, various ceremonies, celebrations but they often are business in nature. Think about it: well, not ridiculous and absurd to kiss the hand of a business partner? This is another detail left in the distant past.