You will need
  • Feminine wiles, affection and a little imagination
Many will begin to argue, find the reasons and justification for such behavior of the guy, like, he doesn't want a serious relationship, does not see a common future with me or do I not attractive to him. Stop looking for reasons in himself and only himself to blame in all! The first thing you should do is take the whole situation into their own hands and push your guy to this first step.
Of course, all men believe that the initiative belongs to them, but it was the woman first begins to signal their interest, and then the man starts to become more active. Standard tips about how to make a guy the first step, in principle, does not exist, because everything depends on what this will be step, what goals are pursued, and what the relationship between a man and a woman at this time. Importantly, in no case do not stick to the guy, not to push him psychologically and not to demand anything in this minute. Men are strategists by nature, so in order to take some important decision and make a serious step, they carefully think through all versions of what is happening, weigh and evaluate the situation and its results.
The main thing to give a man to understand that it depends on the situation that only he can solve it and to do something to show that you depend on him. But at the same time, you can gently hint at what you want, for example, that you are ready to kiss, it's time to think about marriage or at least cohabitation. It is very important not only to praise her man, talking constantly about how he is a confident, talented and promising, how much to focus on yourself – the one and only for him.