Not everyone the courage to admit they were wrong. Hence was born the need for some to embellish the natural course of events, to shield yourself, make excuses and come up with non-existent details which supposedly mitigate the guilt. Well, that a beautiful tale has not collapsed, is born. And sometimes people just get bogged down in their own lies and can't distinguish the truth from fiction. Of course, to prevent such a critical situation in no event it is impossible, therefore, it is important to bring the cheater to clean water.
If you decide to find out the truth you are interested in the problem, ask straight in the wrong for this situation. The question is too simple, and the guy was thinking – he probably has not had time to come up with another lie, or just confused. Continue the dialogue – not let's create a new story, so much easier to understand, the person speaks the truth or is hiding something.
Avoid the standard questions, because all of the standard issues there are no less than the standard answers. Clarification of the type "Why?" and "Why?" will also help to achieve the truth.
If you repeatedly ask the same questions but in different situations, people may begin to stray into those areas in which he tells a lie. However, if you are wrong about the lie, it may get the opposite effect.
To understand that people embellish the reality, you can use a simple observation. When someone is lying, subconsciously, the reflex, forcing him to cover his mouth with his hand. Ask at this moment the guywhat he's hiding. If you really stretching the truth, such a question would put him to a standstill, and people would accidentally spill the beans.
Men unlike women tend to trust facts, not intuition, so in most cases flip, hmm only under the influence of irrefutable evidence. So if you are not sure that the guy is lying to you and he steadfastly denies it, you should wait a moment and gather arguments in favor of his innocence – under their pressure he will just give up.