You will need
  • - access to telephone;
  • - access to the Internet.
Contact any service a network operator with a request to disable the reception of incoming messages from other users. You can contact technical support to contact the client offices that are located in your city or configure the service account on the official website of the operator with the control panel is connected you services.
Please note that when contacting the client service Department of your cellular operator, you will need access to your cell phone, and passport or any other document confirming your identity as the official owner of the phone number. If the SIM card was registered to another person, you may need his presence. It all depends on the operator.
When managing service incoming messages secure access to your mobile phone number for subsequent data retrieval username and password. Log in to your carrier and go to connected services to you. Select a service to receive SMS messages and click Disable, then confirm the operation provided by your operator method.
When contacting technical support find out her number from the information booklet or on the official website of the operator. If you have the ability to control services by means of a system of answer, go also to the services section, and disconnect the incoming SMS messages. If you have difficulties navigating the menus, please contact the operator directly. Most likely, you will need to specify the passport data to identify you as the owner of the SIM card.
Look in menu of your mobile phone to block incoming SMS messages. Also note that for many mobile devices, such as Blackberry, provided by specially installed utilities, which limit the receiving of information through SMS messages. Please note that many operators use SMS messages to alert customers of the company the changes you're making, so try not to disable this service.