Engagement ring – not just decoration

Probably almost every divorced person in any degree faced with the daunting question "now what to do with a wedding ring?" After all, the main reasons for doubt of his deliverance two: the first is psychological, it is clear to everyone that this is not just a bauble, decoration, presented to a stranger, and thing that conveys a great meaning (albeit not the most pleasant experience at times, but it can be found abound). And this same ring was once a symbol of strength, the fortitude and fidelity of your marriage while wearing it after a divorce - a bad omen. The second reason is financial, anyway, and the subject of this precious metal, which is very expensive. So not too rational decision to just throw it away. And just to keep a ring after a divorce would be foolish, because over time it can tarnish.

Out of memory

No need to be a psychic or someone with supernatural abilities to understand – don't use those things that once absorbed a lot of negativity and setbacks. And there's a perfectly good way out. Most jewelry stores provide services such as the exchange of old jewelery for new, of course, for a commensurate fee.
In addition, you can exchange the old ring for a new one and just take it to a pawnshop.

Also, the ring can be given to the master, to pay him (and for beautiful things always have to pay), and the wizard will make it any more, absolutely new product, how will tell you your imagination.
Of course it will be better if you still find yourself at once a broken thing, which may be the earring and pendant or bracelet or chain. Then a flight of fancy and jewellery appetite is highly increased.

It turns out that it is not necessary to act rashly and get rid of the ring. To do this it's never too late, but is it worth it? After all, you need to approach this more rationally and intelligently, rather than without thinking. Therefore, any old thing, of course, may not only entail unpleasant or unwanted memories and moments, but also become something new in life and like to please brand new look.