There are a lot of folk as well as modern rituals that prevent the loss of wedding rings. There are those that can be carried out if the trouble still occurred.

Folk rituals

Rite on the occasion of loss prevention may hold the wife or the husband himself:

1. You need to get up early in the morning, and go to the flower shop. It is necessary to choose the fresh and beautiful white rose. Giving the money to the seller, say to myself these words: "Buy a day, come to life!". Tell the seller thank you, and go to Church with her.
2. In the Church to light a candle before the icon with the image of Christ. You need to mentally ask the blessing on married life.
3. The house put the rose in rainwater or snowmelt water and sink to the bottom of the engagement ring of the spouse. Every time one of a pair of passing, you need to mentally say: "Bless, the forces of light!". When the rose is dry, you need to leave her at home. She will become your talisman for a long and happy married life.

Rites in case my husband happened to lose your wedding ring.
This same ritual can be applied in that case, if the husband loses the ring. Need to buy a new decoration, the same, and to hold such a ceremony.

Modern methods

From the perspective of new rites you just need to buy new decorations. It is desirable that they be similar to the old one. Invite friends, "get married" again, arrange the feast.

For those who have not secured their Union before God, it may be the reason for the wedding. The Church is the sacrament of the very good bonds of family ties. It is believed that such a marriage is blessed in heaven, and nothing threatens him.

In General, it is more a psychological problem. If the husband lost the ring, it is not necessary to panic, to despair, and the more you believe the superstition, what superstitions it wouldn't be. It is proven that negative and positive thoughts tend to become a reality.
These feelings are no signs is not terrible. Know the reaction of his wife should not be too angry. If you believe in God, can go to Church and pray.

But you can just buy new rings and go on another honeymoon. Let, a prerequisite to a trip to the place where you have never been. Relax so that it is memorable.

Remember that the important thing is not to take seriously any signs that are associated with the loss of a wedding ring. They are all superstition, and superstition is a sin. Always believe only in good, and then you will wait for strong family relationships and harmony in marriage!