You will need
  • - installed Microsoft Office Access.
Create a new database in Microsoft Office Access, which will be placed in information from a CSV file for later viewing. Select the menu items "File" and "new" and click "New database..." in the appeared panel. Dialog appears "File new database". Select the target folder and file name database. Click "Create".
How to open csv file
Start the process of loading data from a file. In the menu select "get External data" and "Import...". In the drop-down list of "file Type" appeared dialogue "Import", select "Text files". Navigate to the directory with a CSV file, select it in the directory listing, click the "Import" button. Displays the wizard window "text Import".
How to open csv file
Define the format properties of the data imported from the CSV file. Click "Advanced". In the dialogue "...the import specification" specify the type of field format, field delimiter characters, the time, date, parts of decimal numbers and the format of the date, symbol, text qualifier, and encoding text. Press the OK button. Click "Next".
How to open csv file
Specify the rules of interpretation of the data of the first line of the file. On the second page of the wizard, select the check box "First row contains field names" if necessary. Focus on content-based list, which displays the first few lines of the file. Click "Next".
How to open csv file
Select "new table". Click "Next".
How to open csv file
Define the column names and format data contained therein, if necessary. On the fourth page of the wizard, click on the desired column list where you can preview the file content, type the new name in the text field "field name" and select a format from the drop-down list "data type". Click "Next".
How to open csv file
Select the option "do not generate key". Click "Next".
How to open csv file
Enter a convenient name in the "Import to table". Click "Next". Wait for the import process.
How to open csv file
Open data from a CSV file. Click on the tab "Tables". Double click on the list element with the name specified in the previous step. Review the details.
How to open csv file