You will need
  • Computer, disk, anti-virus software.
To avoid possible infection of your computer, don't hurry to open the contents of the disk immediately after it is loaded. Otherwise, if the media will write viruses, you risk to infect the system with dangerous programs and scripts that will negatively affect the performance of your computer. Taking this into account, the startup disk should be performed in the following way.
Insert the disc in the drive, then wait for it final download. On the desktop opens the AutoPlay window, you need to ignore (click "Cancel"). Open the folder "My computer". Here you need to find the connected drive with the loaded disk. Click on the icon of the drive and select the context menu item "scan for viruses" (on the computer must be installed any antivirus software). The scan may take from several seconds to two or three minutes. If the antivirus detects the carrier of any threats, immediately remove the disc from the drive and try to avoid working with him in the future. If the antivirus is not detected no danger, browse the contents of the disk.
If the disc stored video files, you may have some problems with their view. Most often, such problems are expressed in the fact that the computer is missing a package of necessary codecs. Below you can view video files, you need to install on your PC the software "K-Lite Codec Pack". It can be easily found on the Internet. After you install the codecs, reboot the system and browse the multimedia content of the disc.