The main menu of Microsoft Windows system by clicking "start, and go to "All programs for the operation of decrypting a previously encrypted file.
Open the link "Standard and point to "Guide to run the application.
Context menu to decrypt the file, folder or drive, click the right mouse button and select "Properties .
Go to the tab "Common dialog box and select "Other .
Uncheck the box for "Encrypt contents to secure data and click OK to apply the selected changes. Remember that when you run to decrypt folders encrypted files and sub-folders remain encrypted, unless explicitly stated otherwise, and newly created files and folders explains the folder to undergo the procedure of encryption will not be.
Download the free tool te19decrypt.exe the official website of the developer of antivirus application Dr. Web and run the executable to perform the operation of decrypting the files encrypted by virus Trojan.Encoder. (This virus is by a ransomware program that encrypts user files and smodlaka after that. While on the system disk remains a text file crypted.txt requiring money transfer different amounts to decrypt the damaged files.)
Click "Continue to the main window of the program and agree with the proposal to specify the location of the key file c:crypted.txt manually.
Enter the full path to the desired file in the dialog box "Open, and then click OK to confirm the command.