Once you find the desired program, click on the Download button, located in the immediate vicinity of the application name. If the button is not there, perhaps the name itself is a link to download. In this case, click on the line-the link with the left mouse button.
The action described in the first step can lead to one of two results. First option: download of fix will start immediately. In this case, specify the directory to save the file, click on the "Save" and wait for the download to complete. Second option: you will be redirected to the resource where the file is stored. Click Download, then follow the steps described earlier in this step.
After the download is complete, navigate to the directory where you saved the file. If the installation file is Packed in archive, extract the data using WinRAR (7ZIP or any other zip program). Remember the directory you specified when unzipping the file.
In the correct directory, locate the file setup.exe or install.exe. If there is no such file, check the extension, find the file name of the downloaded program, which will have "the end" .exe. Click on it with the left mouse button to start the installation program. If you do not install the program on your computer, it just won't start (but of course there are exceptions).
Most software is installed automatically. When the window opens the "setup Wizard", enter the directory in which it will record the files required for the app to work. Follow the instructions in the "installer" to complete the process of installing. If necessary, restart the computer.
Look for the startup file of the installed application in the directory in which you installed it or in the menu "start". Also the program can create shortcuts on the Desktop and on the quick launch "taskbar". Click on the program icon with the left mouse button — it will start.