Meaning tattoo feather birds

Quite often you can meet tattoo or feathers of various birds. It is elegant, unusual, cute and very delicate figure. However, you should see the value of this image. Place of occurrence of such a tattoo is considered North America. Local residents were given the pen by mysterious forces, believing him to be a conductor between two worlds: the world of the living and the spirit world. In addition, the feathers symbolized the power, superiority and strength wearing them over other people. In the past, only worthy, distinguished hunters or rulers had the right to wear a tattoo depicting a feather.

But the peacock feather symbolizes beauty, wisdom and a special position in society. The feather of a Phoenix — classic sign of eternal life, the immortality of its owner. A feather of the Firebird characterizes creative people are fond of, romantic and tender natures.

The pen itself is extremely easy and weightless. Therefore, his image can mean lightness, carelessness, elevation, sublimity, spirituality, and courage and determination.

Bird depicted on the body, like some of their feathers — a sign of lightness, a constant desire for immortality and freedom, of weightlessness, of the immortality of the soul. Girls, stuffing similar picture, may imply that they are not easy to catch and keep a man.

It should be borne in mind that different birds printed on the body, can have different meanings. So, a tattoo in the form of a stork means fertility, abundance, maternal instinct. Crow — a sign of prophecy, Union of good and evil, wisdom and destruction. The dove is a symbol of the soul, longevity and immortality, and the Swan of wisdom, loneliness and purity. The picture on the body of the eagle means strength and power, fire and immortality. The Falcon represents victory and bravery, overcoming any barriers and obstacles.

The pen pictured with the birds, often speaks about the desire of the owner of such tattoo to freedom. And he can dream to get rid of different things, from any persons, concerns or stereotypes.

Where better to inflict that kind of tattoo

The image in the form of one or more feathers are quite versatile and will suit both men and women. After all, they can be made in different styles and painted a variety of colors.

Gracefully it looks like the picture on the foot, neck or shoulder.