What is silent Moon in the horoscope

When drawing up the Natal chart is of importance all the elements of the sky, especially the planets in the Solar System and the Sun. Special importance is given to the position of the moon in the houses of the horoscope and the definition of the Lunar Zodiac Sign.

The moon in the horoscope is given to the role of the sun, on the importance comparable with the Sun. If the Sun is our consciousness, the symbol of the father, the Moon is our unconscious, instinctive. In addition, the Moon is a symbol of the Mother, fertility, ability to conceive children, health.

It is the position of the moon in the horoscope we owe where we are drawn to heavy life span – or to dive right in and find solace, or to go to friends to talk to or just to be alone in his room, not wanting to see anyone . Maybe drop everything and go abroad. What we take for granted, in actual fact recorded in our horoscope or Natal chart. Astrologers read the fate of people like open books, whereas including a Moon sign of the Zodiac, and the position of the moon in the houses of the Horoscope.

It is important to know your Moon Sign

The position of the moon in the horoscope, the attitude of the other planets in the Natal chart can determine the preferences, talents, opportunities, fears and phobias of the owner of the horoscope or unconscious person, which transcend all. The attitude of the native to his mother, other people, potential partner or spouse, the very possibility of marriage or divorce probability and possible human response to life situations – this is not a complete list of what can tell the astrological sign the moon experienced astrologer.

To know the moon sign in the horoscope you can own - a lot of online services offer free make horoscope. However, few know the position of the moon in the horoscope - it is important to decode heavenly signs. Only ever make it for the experienced astrologer.