Open the page the usual loose-leaf calendar corresponding to your required day. In addition to information about the phase in which the Moon, in this calendar you can see the data about time of sunrise and sunset, the moon and the Sun. Information about the phases of the moon and its position in the zodiacal constellations you can see in the lunar calendar. Find Internet sites on relevant topics, which are lunar calendars and it is possible to calculate the phases of the moon, by entering the desired date. In addition, you can find out the percentage of visibility of the moon, its age and the distance to it.
Use to determine the phases of the moon special mnemonic. Aging month (last quarter-from full moon to new moon) is similar to the letter "C". Growing a month (first quarter of new moon to full moon) is rotated in the other direction. If he mentally put the wand will turn the letter "R". Aging usually can be observed in the morning and increasing in the evening. In the southern hemisphere the order of the phases of the moon opposite. The rule of thumb will help you determine the phase of the moon only near the equator, where the moon is always visible "lying on its side".
Remember the appearance of the moon, which she has in each of the eight phases. In the growing phase of the month, the Sun illuminated only a small part of the moon on the right side. In the first quarter of the visible half of the moon. The waxing Moon seems a bit convex. Full moon Moon visible completely. The waning Moon, and growing, slightly protruding, and her whole left side is lit. In the last quarter we can observe, respectively, a quarter of the moon, which is convex to the left. In the final phase (falling a month) the Moon illuminated by the Sun on the left is a small Crescent.