You will need
  • calculator (although, the calculations can be carried out in the mind), a sheet of paper and pen
To calculate the lunar day for a specific number, you need to know:
D – day of month
M – the ordinal number of the month
Y – for example, you can take on 2 March 2020. For this number
D = 2
M= 3
Y =2020
To find out the lunar day, you will need to calculate the so-called lunar year number. Each year is a lunar number, for example, 2001 corresponds to the number 7, 2002 – 8, 2003 – 9, and so on. The lunar year number is incremented in order, and can be from 1 to 19. If the year number is 19, as for example, in 2013, the number next year is back to 1, etc. So, the number 2014 is 1.That is, if you count the number of lunar 2020 will be equal to 7. Denote it by L.
Now, to find out the lunar day, it remains only to substitute all numbers into formula:
For the date March 2, 2020 preliminary result of the calculation will be: N=(7*11)-14+2+3=68.
Why preliminary? Because the lunar month of 29.5 days. Therefore, you must repeatedly subtract 30 from the number until the result becomes less than 30. 68-30=38, subtract 30 again, turns 8. So, on March 2, 2020 will be the eighth lunar day.