Find out when it was or will be a new moon that is nearest to your date. The time of new moon is the beginning of the first lunar day, and the second lunar day starts with the first moon after the new moon. Despite the fact that the lunar calendar has 30 days, a lunar month is sometimes 29 day ends, after which again begins the first lunar day, but with more length. The time of sunrise and sunset of the moon can be determined by the normal calendar, which shows these data.
Notice Internet sites on relevant topics. Find a calendar of solar and lunar days to the desired year, and determine with his help, what lunar day corresponds to a specific date. Filling out a form, you can automatically calculate the desired lunar day. This requires you to specify the date, time, calculation time zone in relation to Moscow or universal time. Because in different places of the planet the Moon rises at different times, for greater precision of calculation is also required to specify the nearest settlement or its coordinates.
Use to calculate the lunar day, the special tables of ratios of year and day. Determine which ratio corresponds to the desired year. In the table, where horizontally and vertically shows tens and units of years, find the number indicated at their intersection. Determine the coefficient corresponding to the desired month. Add the numbers you found in these three tables. If the resulting sum will exceed the number of days in the lunar month of 29.5 subtract from it. Suppose you got the number of 6.3. This means that the new moon occurred on June 6 7.2 (0,3х24) hours GMT. Finally, don't forget to correct the time in your time zone. The error using this method is plus or minus 1-2 days.