For the health of the kitten vaccination is as important as proper feeding, management and hygiene. The list of vaccinations that must be the kitten can be found on the Bulletin boards at any veterinary clinic. As a rule, required are vaccines against panleukopenia, calicivirosis, rhinotracheitis and rabies. Along with them, it is recommended to vaccinate the animal and less common diseases such as chlamydia, viral leukemia, and infectious peritonitis.
Nowadays many different polyvalent vaccines, which contain antigens relevant today many diseases. To vaccinate kittens by 2-3 months of life. Note that at the time of vaccination the pet must be completely healthy. A healthy kitten eats a lot, he has regular bowel movements. Besides, the animal is an active and cheerful behavior.
It should be noted that after the purchase of a kitten does not need immediately to go to the clinic and do all sorts of vaccinations. It is best to wait a few days, because animals, like humans, need time to adapt to the new place of residence. During this period the animal may already be sick of an infectious disease in a latent form. If you neglect this simple rule, then the effectiveness of such vaccinations will be zero, you can damage the immune system of a kitten.
You need to remember that for 8-10 days before being vaccinated the kitten needs to undergo treatment or prevention of worms, otherwise the vaccine may harm the health of the kitten.
For vaccination of the pet should be referred to a veterinary clinic, where it will be examined by the doctor and decide whether you can get him vaccinated. After the necessary vaccinations are made, the animal will remain under medical supervision for another 20 minutes. This is to ensure that in time to prevent a possible allergic reaction to the vaccine.
Do not be afraid, if after the first vaccination a kitten will be a few days sluggish and sleepy, refuses to run and there will be mostly sleeping. It's a natural reaction to a vaccine. However, subsequent vaccines should not affect the behavior of your pet, otherwise, it should immediately be taken to a doctor. You need to know and that the second vaccination is done after 14-21 days from the first vaccine, in any case, not before.
And the first vaccine and the second should be identical to the drugs. After the first vaccination to the owner of the kitten will be issued a veterinary certificate pet, which will made a mark on vaccination. Besides the data about the owner of the animal will be entered in a General journal vaccinations stored in the clinic itself.
Remember that just about compliance with the recommendations will help to protect the kitten from various diseases and boost its resistance to all kinds of infections.