A new family member should immediately show the vet who examined the kitten, will tell you how to feed, care for, make him a pet passport and will prescribe a plan of vaccination. Vaccination is very important for kittens as it is one of the preventive ways to combat germs and infectious diseases. Even if your baby will not go beyond the apartment, the infection in his body can hit the street with the soles of their shoes and stay on the Mat.

The most common diseases that can be infected kittens is rabies, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, ringworm, chlamydia. If not vaccination, could be serious consequences or even lethal outcome.

When to vaccinate

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The first vaccination against infections you need to do kitten age 2.5 months, and 2 weeks to carry out the vaccination for the same drug during this period kittens lost maternal antibodies. The baby after vaccination appears immune to infectious diseases. The third vaccination is carried out in the year of the same medications. Continue to vaccinate a cat every year preferably at the same time.
Infections effective are complex vaccine "Nobivac Triket and Multipel" against depriving cats are vaccinated often vaccines "Wandern and Poliak-TM".

In 6 months be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccinations are done only if the animal is totally cool, that will help to determine specialist. It is also recommended 10 days before the vaccination to hold the animal sweeps the fleas, ticks and worms. If the kitten is scheduled to release to walk, that he needed another vaccination against zoster.

Side effects of vaccination

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Vaccinations do best in a veterinary clinic. After the need to monitor the condition of the animal may be lethargy, drowsiness, indifference to the toys. This condition should pass in 6-8 hours. It is not advisable to vaccinate cats during pregnancy, feeding of kittens in the period of change of teeth.
Modern vaccines are safe even for young kittens. Postvaccinal complications in animals is very rare, but vaccine efficacy was as high as 98%.

Setting the stage for a kitten, you need to understand that this is not a toy and should be carefully monitored. The health of cats depends on many factors. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the pet, rational feeding, daily exercise, consult with your vet follow the vaccination calendar. Only then homemade fluffy will be healthy, vigorous and will bring happiness, joy and fun in the house.