You will need
  • access to the Internet.
Turn your smartphone or tablet with Android operating system. Prepare for the upgrade process of the OS. Charge the battery pack. This will prevent unwanted disconnection of the apparatus.
Connect tablet computer to the Internet. In this situation it is better not to use 3G and GPRS. A connection to a reliable access point Wi-Fi will provide fast and reliable download updates. Make sure that the Internet connection is stable.
Open the main menu and select "Settings". Go to the menu General settings of the Android operating system. Do not activate the automatic update function of the OS. Sometimes this process starts at the most inopportune moment.
Click "Check for updates". File download new version of the operating system will start automatically. Wait until all required files will be stored in the memory device.
Immediately after this process is complete will begin the installation of the new version of Android. Better not use your device during this period. So you can avoid failures that may occur during the installation of the system.
If you believe in the existence of updates, but the automatic search didn't find, use the Android Market. Download the desired version of the operating system. Update the firmware using the functions of a smartphone.
Many tablet computers support update mode BY using the fixed PC. Download-firmware and choose the program needed to download it to the tablet. Better use the official app available in the Android Market.
Connect the tablet to the computer using the USB cable. Update the firmware and restart the device.