You will need
  • - MultiLoader;
  • file-firmware;
  • - USB cable.
Start with the preparation of the software and files that you will need to change the firmware of the mobile phone. Download app MultiLoader. Use fifth version of the program. This will help to eliminate certain problems found in previous sets.
Boot firmware file. To do this, use the official forum dedicated to Samsung mobile devices. Do not download the firmware files from unverified resources. This can cause damage to the apparatus.
Make connecting mobile phone with computer using USB cable. In any case, do not try to flash the device via Bluetooth. You are unlikely to correctly complete a change of firmware.
Run the MultiLoader application. In the start menu, select the type of platform BRCM2133. Activate the mode to change the firmware on the mobile device. Hold down the power key and adding volume. Release the buttons after the message appears, Download the phone.
Click Port Search in MultiLoader program. After determining the device, navigate to the Full Download. Immediately after that starts the Windows Explorer menu. Specify the firmware file. For correct device firmware use files with extensions Bin, Rc1, Rc2 and Ffs from Bootfiles directory and all the files Calset.
After the training mode firmware click Download. Wait for the application to work. Do not press the telephone keys during this period. After automatic switch-on of the mobile device, disconnect the USB cable.
Check the operation of the new firmware. Reset the settings of the mobile phone by dialing the service code *#1234#.