You will need
  • - USB cable;
  • - MultiLoader.
First prepare the mobile phone for the procedure of changing the firmware. When working with your phone Samsung s5230 insert the new sim card. This is not a mandatory procedure, but it will reduce the risk of failure during the firmware caused by a call to the device.
Charge the battery of the mobile phone. This is an extremely important point because during the procedure the firmware of the machine must be disconnected from the AC mains.
Download firmware files. To search better, use the official forum dedicated to mobile devices Samsung. This resource will perform application download MultiLoader 5.
Connect to computer or laptop mobile phone. To ensure the safety of the device during flashing, use the original USB cable supplied with the device.
After determining the mobile phone system run the app MultiLoader. In the first dialog menu, specify the platform type. For phone Samsung s5230 BRCM2133 select the type.
Turn mobile phone into download mode firmware. In your case, you need to hold the addition/subtraction volume and switch on the device. Wait for a written Download on the phone screen.
Go back to the program MultiLoader click on Port EAGS. When used USB port will be displayed in the application window, click Full Download activation mode of the same name.
Now alternately add the firmware files to each category. To do this, press the Browse button located next to the description of the file type. The data of interest are in the directory Calset and Bootfiles.
To start the process of replacing the firmware, click Download. The phone will restart several times automatically. Reset the device by entering the code *#1234#.