One of the best ways to eliminate excess salt in liquid dishes adding raw potatoes. Take a common tuber, wash, clean and cut them into 2,5-5 cm pieces. Lower the potatoes into the hot soup, standing on medium heat and hold it there for 15-20 minutes. Then remove with a slotted spoon or kitchen tongs.

Professional chefs often resort to another technique – introduction to soup acid. Suitable for both lemon juice and Apple cider vinegar. Start with a small amount – 1 teaspoon of acid. Well stir it in the soup and try it out. If the situation is not corrected, add some more. Also in some soups with starchy vegetables allowed to try to neutralize the salty taste of not only acidic, but also sweet. Add a little sugar and the acid.

In liquid soups can be simply removed from one quarter to one third of the liquid and replace it with a fresh component. Depending on the kind of soup that can be unsalted broth, cream, milk; soups with tomatoes, you can safely add unsalted tomato juice. In a pinch, you can substitute regular salted broth hot water. Don't forget to warm the soup, after adding the liquid.

It is also possible, conversely, from a liquid soup to make a thick, adding bystrorazvarivayuschayasya vegetables suitable to the taste of the soup.

For thick chowder and seafood soups-mashed potatoes you can safely add evaporated milk or flour. 1 tablespoon of flour will need to pre-mix in a small bowl with the broth from the soup and then add the smooth mixture to the pot.

It is known that the problem is often easier to avoid than to resolve. And salty soup. Remember a few simple rules:
seafood also contain some amount of salt, take it into account by adding them to the soup;
- do not salt the soup salt shakers with holes. So you can't control the exact amount of salt, besides an emergency situation, when the caps fall down soup, with a mound of salt in the middle, is in no way correct;
- cold dishes always seem to be less salty than warm or hot. Do not try salt completely cooled down soup or broth, heat and only the field sample;
- when you taste the soup or any other meals in salt, sugar, spices, make sure the portion is large enough to cover medial and lateral areas of the tongue responsible for the perception of these tastes.