Some girls believe that the guys that they are not jealous, is not likely to experience any serious feelings. This view is mistaken, as the absence of jealousy often indicates that your man trusts you.

If you do decide on a desperate act in the evocation of jealousy, act suddenly and gently.

Now people constantly use social networking sites, and if you are not the exception, create a new account, whose owner is an interesting man. Not to be declassified, make it the page closed, then your guy will not be able to see your personal information and do not understand that the questionnaire is not real.

Once the account is created, the list of friends added, you can begin to act. With this survey, try to send the gifts to your account, write comments to your photos, you can even write a personal message, if you are sure that your loved can go to your page and see it.

This method is the safest, because if something happens, you will be able to prove to your boyfriend that no affair you don't, and secret admirer is a common method of evoking jealousy and validate feelings. The only thing you need to fear, the negative reaction of a loved one to such an act. However, if a young person loves you truly, your relationship, most likely, threatens nothing.