The definition of jealousy

Jealousy is a negative feeling which occurs mainly in humans, in moments when he feels lack of attention, love, respect or affection, one might even say, the uselessness from the loved one. Chronic tendency to jealousy called jealousy. Some people think jealousy even disease.

Usually jealous of a loved one. In such moments, when, for example, girlfriend is out with friends, imagination her loved one begins to draw the most disturbing picture of what it is now, perhaps, comes down to physical infidelity.

Of course, to endure such unbearable. Jealousy can cause even harmless flirting on the young man's eyes.
Jealousy can be healthy and unhealthy. Healthy jealousy is justified by the desire to protect that person belongs, he believes, rightfully. Moderate jealousy is acceptable and permissible in modern society.

From unhealthy jealousy, one loses not only the calm and poise, but can be completely inadequate and even to commit murder.

Usually the guy is jealous of his girlfriend, based on past experience of failed relationship. He always seems that when he's not around, his girlfriend will pay attention to another young man. Such thoughts were unbearable and in most cases lead to scandals and relationships.

The lack of basic trust is the basic cause of jealousy.

Struggling with jealousy

On the Internet, and in various literature, lots of advice on how to deal with jealousy and stop being jealous of his girlfriend to her friends. All the tips boil down to the fact that the need to trust her, enjoy what she enjoys, to make friends with her friends, in short, to become her shadow, and everywhere relentlessly follow her.

To give advice is much easier than to follow them. But what if the hobby your girl and her friends you're not interested? Anyway, you don't want to meet her friends? You have your own friends and your Hobbies?

If this situation occurs, it is better to sit down and discuss together the situation. Usually jealousy occurs to the girl in the case, when a young man sought her attention, while the girl could not decide to take her to his advances or not.

In this case, even meeting the girl, the young man, there will always be doubts about how she loves him and how she was faithful to him, if to him the girl has been in a serious relationship, and she was in love.

To Eclipse the first love is very, very difficult. For any girl the first love for life remains the most vivid and most important, even when she had already married and had a child.

Easier when the girl herself chooses the candidate to potential husbands. In this case, jealous of her to her friends there is a great need.

The girl herself will always return to their partner and may completely cease to meet with their friends and will focus all his attention on the young man.

Not to be difficult, but if you love a girl, you need to be patient and wait for the moment when her except you nobody is necessary. How long to wait?

It depends on your actions and how you will be persuasive in his desire to prove to her that she is your favorite and one and only.

Jealousy – a dark, ancient feeling, which spoils our life, and to be fought. But to do it properly.