First you yourself have to decide, do you give your spouse a reason to be jealous. Here are the most common reasons:1. "My don't touch". Almost any man is not willing to share the attention of his lady with other men. So as soon as your partner sulked or surly began to show aggression in the direction of your companions, finish even very pleasant conversation and turn their attention to the person with whom you have come to the party.2. Slighted pride. In this case, refers to the fact that many men are afraid to be abandoned for the sake of someone else. Jealous of this type are in constant expectation of bad news and every day trying to find you evidence and proof.3. "What will people say". Your partner is afraid of the rumors, scandals and gossip, but violently inclined himself to sort things out with the aim of your education and beliefs in its correctness.
The most striking patterns of the manifestations of jealousy are only two. The first is that your beloved begins increasingly to reproach you, reacts negatively to a late return from work, annoy your trips with friends, etc. In this case, the mistake is almost impossible – he's jealous! But not all men are so intense about the whole thing, there is a category secretive, which often resort to a different model manifestation of their jealousy.
The second model is that your man begins to behave like a hurt child. In this embodiment, often used the game in silence, the refusal to food or even temporary escapes from home. This is a very complex pattern of behavior, when you should try as soon as possible to understand its cause.
You will understand that you are jealous, when you notice that your phone, email and social media profiles are constantly checked. This is a test to find evidence.