Trust, but verify! Even if your relationship is just wonderful, and still you do not believe, because sometimes even do not trust, you will certainly find a way to mess with the jealousy of not only yourself, but your loved one.

Learn to trust your partner. Do not be afraid, Fear destroys feelings and gives self-doubt.

You are sure that your loved one is experiencing the same feelings for you as you are to him? Sooner or later he will get tired of your constant jealousy and you're even going to lose.

In order to stop being jealous, think only about the positive. Don't let any chance of jealousy overwhelm you.

Often you are jealous and look at everyone as potential rivals or opponents. Isn't that proof that your loved one is with you, then he don't need anyone else but you. Love yourself, you are no worse than others, even better, since he chose you. Convince yourself that you are the most suitable couple for your partner, he will not find. And to convince partner that you are the best couple for him is valid, try to be the best.

Jealous just weak. Do not feel jealous of people who are confident in themselves.

Jealousy is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a sense of ownership. Love is not the market, the right to property you are buying.

If you love, love unselfishly, and do not show your ego. Your loved one has the right to freedom.

No need to call him every five minutes to ask where he is. It can be really busy. If considered necessary, he will tell you what he was doing. Or maybe he just protects you from unnecessary troubles and worries.

Arranging jealousy, and accusing your partner of all sins, you can only hurt. After all, evidence of infidelity you do not, there is only a baseless suspicion.

To be jealous and to suspect infidelity of the partner may be those who do change or can change.

If a person is able to change, no scenes of jealousy and scandals will not stop him.

Do not waste your nerves.

Jealousy kills love. But how to stop being jealous?

Stop beating yourself up about the constant speculation. Better take some interesting work to distract myself. Make new interesting acquaintances, it is a great way to make jealous your partner.

To get rid of jealousy, you need to trust your partner.

Remember, if the reason for jealousy not something to be jealous silly, but when you already have some later.