After installing a new graphics card into the appropriate slot of the motherboard, turn on the computer. It is not excluded that the new device will be automatically activated, and a built-in adapter disabled. To check which graphics card is active, go to the Windows control panel. Under "display Adapters" dialog box "device Manager" will be displayed and the video card running at the moment.
If the device is an integrated video adapter that is not disabled automatically, restart the computer and after turning it on hold down the Delete key (Del) to enter BIOS menu. On some computers the access control of the underlying operating system occurs after pressing one of the function keys (F2-F10). The desired key can be determined by trial and error or to clarify the information in the user manual of the motherboard, and if you have a portable device – in the user manual.
In the BIOS, find the section Integrated (or Оnboard) Video (integrated video card) in menu Integrated Peripherals. Disconnect the device by selecting Off instead of On, or Disabled instead of Enabled. Complete the BIOS by pressing F10 key (Save and exit). After loading Windows, open "device Manager" and check the changes made in the settings of the adapters.