You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - AMD Power Express;
  • - Nvidia Conrol Panel.
Use BIOS menu to switch the video card. This option is usually available when working with desktop computers. Turn your PC on and press the trigger interface the firmware of the motherboard.
Open the submenu Advanced Settings or Video Options. Disable discrete cost. To do this, select the Disable item in the PCI Card. If the integrated chip is not automatically activated, shut down the computer without saving menu settings the BIOS.
Otherwise, go back to the main menu of the firmware. Save your settings and reboot the computer. If this method did not helped to change the video card, use the mechanical method.
Disconnect the cable from the computer's power supply. Remove the wall of the system unit. Disconnect the cable from the video card. Connect it to the integrated port adapter.
Carefully remove the discrete graphics card. To do this, slide the latch and remove the card from the PCI slot. Close the system unit. Turn on the computer.
Both methods are not suitable to change the video card in your computer. Switching devices in laptops is achieved by installing special software.
Visit the web site of the company that developed this mobile computer. Find software that allows you to manage settings for the integrated GPU. Be sure to download the app that's right for this model laptop.
Install the downloaded software. Restart the laptop and run the application. Switch the active adapter. To do this, select specific equipment or select one of the available device modes. When working with a company AMD need to select "energy saving Mode of the GPU."