You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - manual to the motherboard;
  • - tweezers.
First find out type of video card installed in your laptop. If you are dealing with an integrated video card, it is wise to establish a new full-fledged graphics card. The manual for the motherboard of the laptop.
If it was not at hand, then open the manufacturer's website for this motherboard model and find its description. Find out whether it is a slot for installation of a full graphics card. Specify the type of the given port (if present).
Purchase any video card. Turn the laptop. Phillips screwdriver, Unscrew all the screws. For disassembly of some models you must remove a large part of the screws, and even those that secure additional lid covering the compartments of RAM and hard drive.
Remove the bottom cover of the laptop. You may have to perform this process you need to disconnect a few wires from the motherboard. Be sure to note the slots to which they were connected.
Remove the old video card (if any). Install in the vacant slot new video card. Assemble the laptop by connecting all the necessary cables and installing the base cover. Turn on the device.
Install driver for new video card. If included with the device did not have driver disk, please visit the official website of the manufacturer of this video card model and download there required software.
If your onboard video card is in working condition, it is likely to be currently active. Restart your laptop and enter to BIOS menu. Disable integrated graphics card.
If this is not possible, then use the program installed for a new graphics card to change the active device.