How to get pregnant fast: start with a medical examination

If you fail to get pregnant the first time, no need to get frustrated and give up. Pregnancy should ideally be planned to even before then to make sure that there are no health problems or abnormalities that have a negative impact on the future child.

To get pregnant the first time, you need to visit a gynecologist who will prescribe several mandatory tests (for women and for men). Women need to check the fallopian tubes for patency, and men make sperm, to check the quality and quantity of sperm. For both of the spouses are mandatory tests for infections, sexually transmitted. In addition, a woman must donate blood for rubella and toxoplasmosis, to check hormones. You need to be prepared for the fact that is a lot - not all of them pleasant, but they are the key of quick conception, easy pregnancy and birth a healthy baby.

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How to conceive quickly: abandon bad habits and begin a healthy lifestyle

Often there are situations when the test results are normal, no physiological deviations, but conception does not occur. Parents are again and again asking myself: how to get pregnant fast if it does not work? In this situation, you need to reconsider your lifestyle. This implies not only a rejection of bad habits, and increase physical activity (considered ideal for long walks in the fresh air or running). In addition, you need to review your diet to make it more healthy and balanced when you need to start taking vitamin-mineral complexes.

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How to quickly become pregnant: how to determine the exact date of ovulation

In the process of preparing for pregnancy need to determine in advance the exact period of ovulation, because conception is considered ideal only 24 hours in a month (with regular cycle)! The presence of ovulation can be checked in different ways: the schedule of basal temperature, ovulation tests, ultrasound. If you don't want to "hunt down" ovulation, you need to be prepared for the fact that sex will have to do often – at least every 48 hours throughout the period when you might be ovulating. On the one hand is nice, but on the other hand can turn from a pleasure into a duty schedule, especially if pregnancy does not occur neither in the first nor in the second nor in the subsequent cycles after the failure of contraceptives.

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What else to do to quickly get pregnant?

In some situations, female body needs a little help in the form of hormonal drugs that stimulate ovulation. Assign them can only be a doctor after all necessary examinations. Depending on drug, pill will need to take from 3 to 6 cycles increasing the dosage of hormones when needed (strictly under the supervision of a specialist). If it does not help to get pregnant fast and effectively, your doctor will have to go to the "heavy artillery" - from artificial insemination to IVF.

The most important thing – not to despair, not to worry, and to think only about good and positive things. Sometimes too strong desire to conceive interfere with a woman to get pregnant, so it is recommended to get distracted and not to focus only on the child, not to provoke depression. Sooner or later it happens – the test will show a positive result!

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